Censorship. Summer of 2021.

Jeremy Kuzmarov – PHD, Professor, Author, Editor – tells James what’s going on.

Did the U.S. fund its own Pearl Harbor?

Dr. Robert Sauer calls for a criminal investigation into the worst public policy mistake since the Vietnam War.

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Doug Woodring tells James what we must do to have clean oceans.

War Books

Ben Fox of Sheperd.com interviews James on five books about war.

Dr. America

Dr. Tom Dooley convinced Americans there was a “good” South Vietnam and became a media star.

New Zealand and the Vietnam War—Part Two

After setting the historical table in Part One, Professor Roberto Rabel dives into his book, New Zealand and the Vietnam War.

New Zealand and the Vietnam War – Part One

Professor Roberto Rabel takes us from New Zealand’s founding to the ANZUS Treaty between New Zealand the United States in 1951.

New Zealand’s Volcano Lady

Dr. Sally Potter tells James about growing up in a volcano’s crater larger than the city Singapore.

Thank You, New Zealand!

James opens a new Untold Pacific chapter with a salute to a great country and people.