Covert Action Magazine

Covert Action Magazine interviews James Bradley about China.

The China Mirage

James explains the Biden-era China Mirage.

JFK, Allen Dulles and Indonesia

Professor Greg Poulgrain tells James a fascinating story about a Goldmine, a President and America’s Spy King.

My Father’s Buddy

James uncovers the secret behind Ralph Ignatowski’s death on Iwo Jima.

The Prophet of Bursting Bubbles

John Rubino has profited from bursting financial bubbles since the 1970’s and tells James, “You’ll sleep better at night if most of your money is in real assets vs. financial assets.”

How To Write A Book

James distills 30 years of experience.

Americans Are All Prisoners of War

Lt Col. William Astor, USAF (Ret.) tells James the facts.

Fight the Big with the Small

A former Viet Cong Buffalo-Boy tells James how he destroyed America’s high-tech marvel, the Mcnamara Line.

How Ho Chi Minh Defeated the U.S. Marines

Viet Cong vets tell James that “Military Initiative” was the key.

America’s Pacific problem is America

Veteran Asia correspondent Patrick Lawrence tells James that America’s leaders are concerned that China’s success could undermine popular support for the worldwide U.S. empire.