Pandemic Response Is Our Vietnam

Professor Robert Sauer describes the response to a virus as a “monumental government failure,” a “state-run religion” where believers brand truth-tellers as “heretics,” and that Americans are being hit with “phycological napalm.”

Christmas in Vietnam

James recalls a Western tradition on the island of Con Dao.

American Elections

James remembers Nixon vs. Kennedy.

China Rising

Jeff J. Brown tells James the Chinese view of the world.

The Most Bombed Spot in the World

Chuck Searcy takes us to where American bombs still explode fifty years after they were dropped.

“The #1 Focus of the U.S. National Security State is War with China.”

Gareth Porter tells James about the trillions of dollars to be spent upon a fool’s errand.

An American in Hong Kong

Asian think-tank executive Eric Stryson tells James what’s happening in Hong Kong, China.

Two Old Men

Two giants of WWII inspire James.

Our Man in Africa

James has a conversation with award-winning journalist Nick Turse.

Our Lady in Taipei

Michelle Bradley–James’s Taipei-based daughter–looks at Asia from Taiwan.