American Foreign Policy

JFK, Allen Dulles and Indonesia

Professor Greg Poulgrain tells James a fascinating story about a Goldmine, a President and America’s Spy King.

Americans Are All Prisoners of War

Lt Col. William Astor, USAF (Ret.) tells James the facts.

Is Hong Kong Chinese or American?

James traces America’s “China Mirage” from George Washington to today’s Hong Kong streets.

Our Man in Iran

An Interview with James’ favorite author.

South China Sea

Asian and Pacific history changed in 1863 when the U.S. Navy sailed into Tokyo Bay.

Hawaii: America’s First Regime Change

James pulls from his third best-selling book, The Imperial Cruise, to tell the story of the American conquest of Hawaii.

America’s First Drug Kingpins

FDR’s grandfather—Warren Delano—was the American opium king of China.