U.S. to China: We Have You Surrounded.

David Vine tells James about the Washington national security elite’s “intellectual curiosity about a war between the United States and China.”

Ronald Reagan’s CIA Briefer

Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern enlightens James about Russiagate, Obamagate, the Russia-China alliance and the “MICIMATT complex”–the Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think-Tank complex.

U.S. Military: “War with China Inevitable.”

Security analyst Michael Klare tells James some hard realities.

America’s New McCarthyism

James speaks with Moscow-based journalist Dmitry Babich who discusses America’s new McCarthyism.

U.S. Military Has China Surrounded

James speaks with John Pilger, Australia’s greatest living journalist.

Bio-Warfare in China

Americans covered up Japanese biological warfare in China

America’s First Drug Kingpins

FDR’s grandfather—Warren Delano—was the American opium king of China.