Dr. America

Dr. Tom Dooley convinced Americans there was a “good” South Vietnam and became a media star.

Fight the Big with the Small

A former Viet Cong Buffalo-Boy tells James how he destroyed America’s high-tech marvel, the Mcnamara Line.

How Ho Chi Minh Defeated the U.S. Marines

Viet Cong vets tell James that “Military Initiative” was the key.

Pandemic Response Is Our Vietnam

Professor Robert Sauer describes the response to a virus as a “monumental government failure,” a “state-run religion” where believers brand truth-tellers as “heretics,” and that Americans are being hit with “phycological napalm.”

Christmas in Vietnam

James recalls a Western tradition on the island of Con Dao.

The Most Bombed Spot in the World

Chuck Searcy takes us to where American bombs still explode fifty years after they were dropped.

Vietnam Tom

“Vietnam is the future,” says Tom, the world expert on independent travel in Vietnam.

Mini-Episode: Vietnamese Attitudes

James talks about Vietnamese attitudes towards Americans.

Returning: Facing the Vietnam War

“God saved me to help the Vietnamese.” – Rik Carnes

Vietnamese Women

Meet the “Long Haired Warriors.”