War With China

“The #1 Focus of the U.S. National Security State is War with China.”

Gareth Porter tells James about the trillions of dollars to be spent upon a fool’s errand.

An American in Hong Kong

Asian think-tank executive Eric Stryson tells James what’s happening in Hong Kong, China.

Our Man in Africa

James has a conversation with award-winning journalist Nick Turse.

Deng Xiaoping’s Interpreter

Professor Victor Gao tells James “War between China and the US would be a calamity for mankind.”

“China is a Necessary Enemy.”

Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy, describes an America in search of enemies.

“The World is on a War Footing.”

Rob Kirby tells James hard historical truths about hyperinflation leading to conflict at home and abroad.

Is Hong Kong Chinese or American?

James traces America’s “China Mirage” from George Washington to today’s Hong Kong streets.

U.S. to China: We Have You Surrounded.

David Vine tells James about the Washington national security elite’s “intellectual curiosity about a war between the United States and China.”

Ronald Reagan’s CIA Briefer

Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern enlightens James about Russiagate, Obamagate, the Russia-China alliance and the “MICIMATT complex”–the Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think-Tank complex.