2 comments on Is Hong Kong Chinese or American?

  1. Craig Scharlin says:


    Greatly appreciate your podcasts. Miss your books – – which I recommend to as many of my friends as I can – – but it’s the pandemic era so podcasts make perfect sense. Sitting here in the middle of the Philippines, Bacolod City to be specific, it can feel nicely far away from the rat race but in reality we’re smack dap right in the middle of it all.

  2. Paul de Vries says:

    Great stuff James.

    I especially like the title because it gets straight to the point. In conversations on this matter in recent weeks I have found myself asking, “Are you aware that Hong Kong is a part of China?” The response is a lot of mumbling about treaties and agreements but at the end of the day, I don’t think they truly do.

    Andrew Salmon from Asia Times had an interesting solution to the HK “problem”. He suggested that Britain should offer (and should be obliged to offer) the full population of HK British citizenship. One wonders how the U.S. would respond if a similar suggestion was made to it.

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